Rise of smash-and-grabs in Radnor parking lots

RADNOR TWP., Pa. - October 18, 2011

"People get concerned if someone jaywalks here," Radnor resident Mike Chettle said.

But we're not talking about jaywalking; we're talking about several well-orchestrated smash-and-grabs on business parking lots on or near Lancaster Avenue.

The most recent occurred several nights ago outside George's Restaurant where three vehicles had their windows smashed in. Each vehicle owner reported laptops or iPads stolen. This is the second time George's has been targeted.

"In the past, we had more break-ins. We put more lighting, now we're going to put more lighting again to see if we can light up the area more," Abraham Abisaleh of George's Restaurant said.

Similar incidents have been reported as far back as February of this year, including a smash-and-grab outside the popular White Dog Cafe.

Each time, the thieves went after smart phones, laptops, and tablet computers left on the front or back seats.

Neighbors we spoke to say it's time to realize those things do happen around here.

"Next thing you know you're going to have cameras in the parking lots and everybody putting their laptops in the trunk; you don't want that here," Chettle said.

Police say that is what residents should do - take their items with them or lock them in the trunk.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Radnor Township police.

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