Occupy Philly protests Romney visit

PHILADELPHIA - November 4, 2011 Timing is everything, the protestors wanted a confrontation with Mitt Romney, but misfired and missed him altogether.

About 75 Occupy Philly protestors stood in front of the Rittenhouse Hotel late Friday chanting slogans. Some carrying signs reading "Greed is Good".

With plenty of police on hand to keep protestors out, organizers and supporters inside were expecting to meet with Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney to raise $300,000 for his campaign.

According to the invitation, those who raised $10,000 or more would get to meet privately with Romney.

Suspecting that Romney would enter the hotel from the rear to avoid them, the group, which included members of "Move On.org" and "Keystone Progress", decided to march to the rear to chant there.

But that would turn out to be a critical miscalculation, because while the protestors were chanting at the rear of the hotel, Romney and his entourage walked through Rittenhouse Square and into the front of the hotel without seeing or hearing any of the protestors.

The protestors marched back to their compound at Dilworth Plaza on the grounds of City Hall, where they discussed the possibility of resisting eviction by the city later in the month.

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