Don't waste money on beauty products

AVENUE OF THE ARTS - Dec. 19, 2011

But the pros here let us in on a little secret: Most of us are wasting a lot of the money we spend on products for our hair and skin.

Aesthetician Ashley Snook explains, "i would say they usually use too much and that means that they're wasting their money basically."

Snook showed me the recommended amount of skin products. For moisturizer, a little bit can go a long way.

"You would like to use about a quarter size, because you want to use it on your face, you want to use it on your neck, and you want to use it on your decollete," she says.

Using too much moisturizer isn't just a waste of money. It can clog pours and cause a condition called "milia," which look like white bumps on your skin.

For under-eye cream, you'll want to use a pea-sized amount total -- half for each eye.

If you use a mask or foaming cleanser, you'll only want to use a nickel-sized portion and you'll also want to go easy with night cream.

Hair stylist Maryann Shoukri says people also overdo it when it comes to hair products.

For shampoo and conditioner, the amount in your hand should be no larger than a quarter.

For mousse, you'll want no more than a golf-ball-sized amount, and that's after it foams up.

Shoukri explains that too much mousse can cause problems, "If you're wearing it (your hair) straight, blowing it out, you're going to have a hard time with the blow-dryer and the brush. If you're leaving your hair curly, it's going to have that crispy, crunchy look and again, you're weighing your hair down."

For other products: Two peas worth of shine serum, or you'll look greasy. And one pea of styling wax. For gel, keep it to a nickel-sized amount.

And both professionals say it's fine to ask a stylist or aesthetician about proper usage, even if you're not buying salon products.

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