Pay 6 Forward: South Philadelphia

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - December 14, 2011.

Karen Rogers was out in South Philadelphia with her sign that reads: "I'm giving away $600. Ask me how." It's getting close to the holidays so we are really excited about helping someone today.

Karen stood outside with the sign for about 10 minutes, talking with a few people who wanted the money. Most wanted to help a relative.

But according to the rules, you have to give the money away but not to a relative or someone who lives with you. The beauty is in surprising someone who never even knew you cared. Joseph and Pat Fratantuono wanted to help two sisters who live down the road.

Maryann Kelly has been working at Burger King for 22 years. She has special needs and lost her parents at a young age. She and her sister Kathleen have no car, no money and not even a working oven.

"So what do you think about surprising her?" Karen asked.

"I think it's great, terrific, especially around Christmas. She's going to go nuts," Joseph and Pat said.

Maryann was busy at work when Joe told her the news.

"You are always hustling and we thought you deserved anything Channel 6 wants to give you."

Maryann was in shock when Joseph counted out the six $100 bills.

The sisters decided the most important thing to do is paying the taxes and saving their home. That fear has been keeping them up at night.

"Afraid of losing my house," Kathleen Kelly of South Philadelphia told us. "Been there 47 years and don't want to lose it. This is going to be such a big help. Thank you so much."

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