Eagles cheerleaders pay visit to school's squad

January 10, 2012 2:52:32 PM PST
An enthusiastic new cheerleading squad is kicking up its heels at Camelot's Excel Academy in Northeast Philadelphia.

The Camelot Accelerated Schools work in partnership with the Philadelphia School District to help high school students who've dropped out or fallen behind on their grade level.

On Tuesday, the squad got a visit from the Eagles Cheerleaders! For the juniors and seniors in attendance, it was an opportuniity to imagine their own futures.

"Talking about college and what they're going to do after school and how they got to this positition is what we wanted them to talk about," said Allison Lloyd, a teacher at Excel Academy North. "They did, and it was great!"

It's the first time a Camelot school has had a cheerleading squad. Lloyd, came up with the idea and asked a fellow teacher to help her coach the girls.

English teacher Melissa Keiler said many of the students are on honor roll.

"It gives them a motivation to also do well in school," said Keilar.

It has also given the girls a second chance at finding their way in life.

"I had to put my time into this, put everything into this, had to let peple go for this. I feel great about it!" said senior Markea Plaire.

Members of the professional squad said they were super impressed with these girls.

"They are just the epitome of everything we want to represent and we want to work for," said Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader "Cat" Aducci.

The school's efforts seem to be paying off: about 95% of all Camelot students graduate.