Saving with 6abc: Earn stuff while watching TV - 6at4

February 6, 2012 2:47:51 PM PST
You take a trip, you earn points with the airline. There are incentives out there for just about everything. Now there are APPS with incentives, too.

We've found one called Viggle. It earns you points and prizes just for watching your favorite shows. You read that correctly, earn rewards just for watching TV!

"It's a loyalty program for television, "Jason Reindorp, Viggle's Vice President of Marketing says."Think about how much time you spend watching your favorite shows. Why shouldn't you get something back for that?"

Here's how it works:
* Download the Viggle for free from the App store
* Tune in to your favorite show
* Check in

Right now, Viggle is available only on the iPhone. The company expects to have an Android app available in about a month.

"It is able to identify the show that you are watching. It listens to the audio and then matches it," Reindorp says.

The rewards are gift cards, movie tickets, song downloads.

"You can get things like iPods and you can even get an Amazon Kindle for the power watchers," Reindorp adds.

You can earn extra points by playing games, answering trivia questions, referring friends and viewing bonus content like commercials, movie trailers, and TV clips.

Just how fast can you start earning rewards?

Reindorp says you can easily earn a free coffee within 3-5 days.