Consumer: Tire safety; Helping a homeowner

February 20, 2012 3:58:59 PM PST
If someone told you your car wasn't safe, would you keep driving it?

Yet, one in four cars has at least one significantly underinflated tire - a major safety risk and a big drain on your gas mileage.

"Underinflated tires contribute to thousands of crash-related injuries each year. Not only can they lead to blow-outs, they can also negatively affect your car's handlin," said Jon Linkov of Consumer Reports. "Underinflated tires also waste fuel and they wear out a lot faster."

To make it easier to check tire pressure, Consumer Reports tested 14 gauges - costing anywhere from $4 to $56.

The digital Accutire gauge for $10 is one of the top-rated.

"You want to make sure that you have the correct recommended tire pressure. A common mistake is going by the tire pressure listed on the tire. That's actually the pressure for the car's maximum carrying load," said Linkov.

So, look for a sticker on the driver's-side door or consult your owner's manual and check tires when they're cold - not just after driving on them.

For more: Visit the Consumer Reports website

Call for Action: Help for a Homeowner

Daniel Carr of Quakertown was laid off, so he called his mortgage company to see if it would modify his mortgage.

"I was told that no, we couldn't do anything for you," said Carr.

So Carr contacted Call for Action.

"I am thrilled with the volunteer that I met," said Carr. "She called them and. within 15 minutes, I got a response."

In the end, Carr's mortgage company reduced his monthly payment by $500 and lowered his interest rate!

"It's fabulous! Now I'm able to see sunlight out there," he said.

Our Call for Action volunteers take your calls Monday through Friday from 11am until 1pm. The number is 1-866-978-4232. Or you can email CFA through