Pay 6 forward: The Picozzi family in Montgomery County

February 23, 2012 6:52:24 AM PST
I headed to Providence Township in Montgomery County hoping, to find someone in need, carrying her sign that read "I'm giving away $600. Ask me how."

Many people simply didn't believe the sign! One guy just laughed and walked right by. A few people came up to us and we explained that you can't keep the money and you can't give it to a relative or someone who lives you.

Finally, someone came through.

"I can give it to my neighbor," said Victoria Bean of Worchester, Pa. "She has nine kids... We're struggling and I look at them and think, 'How do they do it?'"

So, we took off to Margaret and Anthony Picozzi's 100-year-old farm house. And Vicki Bean blurted out the good news!

"You guys just won $600!"

Margaret and Anthony were stunned and Vicki was the one in tears.

"I just couldn't do enough for them. They're like the best friends," she said "Thank you and they really needed it. I think no better people. No better people."

The kids range from 2 to 17 years old. The Picozzis raise chickens for the eggs and heat their home with fresh-cut wood. They don't ever go on vacations and try to keep a simple lifestyle. We're sure this gift from Channel 6 will go a long way. Vicki gave the money to her neighbors.

We asked Margaret Picozzi what this will mean for her family.

"A lot. Maybe they can play baseball this year. I said to him recently, 'I feel like I'm bleeding money.' So this is good," she said.

Anthony Picozzi added, "(It) keeps you up at night sometimes but you keep your faith in God and do what you've got to do."

I'm the youngest of 10 kids so I can relate. My dad worked outside and after a hard winter one year, my mom sat me down to tell me we couldn't do gymnastics lessons, and I remember how difficult that was for her. So it may sound simple to hear Margaret say, 'Nnow the kids can play baseball,' but I'm really glad we could help.