6at4 Business Report: Yelp soars

March 2, 2012 2:14:33 PM PST
Yelps IPO takes off; Stores want you to pay with your cell phone; An airline flies into the sunset this weekend.

Increasing mobile phone payment options
The Wall Street Journal reports that Walmart and Target are among roughly 24 retailers working on making it possible for you to pay for items using your cellular phone. The paper says the companies are eager to satisfy the growing demand of consumers, especially younger ones, who want easier payment methods. The merchants apparently think mobile payments will boost customer loyalty.

Yelp makes big IPO moves
One big market mover today - Yelp shares up as much as 73% in its first trading day. The website lets user review businesses ranging from dentists to diners. The company raised more than $107 million in its IPO. It will use part of that money to start hiring an international sales force this year.

United - Continental airline merger
The days of flying Continental will soon be just a memory. After this weekend, the airline will officially merge with United Airlines. The last Continental flight departs from Phoenix just before midnight. The merger between the two airlines was announced in 2010.