Parenting: Potty Talk

March 5, 2012

Truly, the boy is gross. He loves potty talk. There's nothing funnier than "poopy" and if you can combine that with "eyeballs" you have a real treat.

Sometimes when I ask him what he wants for snack he simply replies "poopy". What does he want to be when he grows up? His reply is usually "eyeballs".

I've read enough parenting magazines to know you don't engage the child by reacting, but restraining myself is getting more difficult.

I can take a little solace in knowing that I'm not alone. Apparently it relates to young boys recently being potty trained and learning to have a sense of humor.

I found a number of parenting guides specifically referring to potty talk with this age group. One article in particular seemed helpful. Hannah Boyd had some great recommendations on

Boyd suggested that you set the rules and let your child know that adults do not want to hear those words. She also recommends teaching your child some other ways to be funny.

We have a few knock knock books at home that I think I'll pull off the book shelf!

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