One boy's very public punishment

March 23, 2012 2:22:18 PM PDT
A 12-year-old Ohio boy has been stopping traffic with a sign he's holding in his hands.

Trezhan Blaha stole a phone and bracelet from the mall, so his mother and uncle made him stand on the corner holding a sign that reads: "I like to steal and have no respect for my mother or authority. "

Blaha said he definitely learned a lesson.

"That she love me and don't want me to go to jail and be out here on the streets," Blaha told reporters.

"We thought a little public acknowledgment, and a public embarrassment might help a little bit."

Blaha was suspended from school, so his mother and uncle decided to make him hold that sign, instead of just sitting at home.

Would you consider such a punishment for your children?