6at4 Business Report: Dodgers record sale; Google Tablet

March 28, 2012 3:19:58 PM PDT
Is the economic outlook better than expected; A Google tablet may be on the way; The L.A. Dodgers set a record sale price.

Economic Outlook
The squeaky wheels of the economy seem to be slowing turning. In fact, we may be chugging along quite well according to research by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. They predict the unemployment rate could drop as low as 6% in the first half of 2013 and that's a rosier outlook than economists are currently projecting. Currently the unemployment rate is at 8.3%.

iPad Criticisms
Apple is responding to criticism over the new iPads. Some say there's a discrepancy between the charge indicator and the power actually available. In an interview with 'All Things D', an Apple exec says when the battery is 100% charged, it automatically discharges some of the power, and then charges up again. He adds that the new iPad operates on iOS, which is the same as iPhones and the iPod touch. So... what's the best way to preserve the battery life long-term? Apple suggests you charge your devices to 100% then do not recharge it till the battery is completely depleted.

Google Tablet Coming?
If you're not a fan of the Apple iPad-- Google may have its own tablet hitting the market soon. The New York Post says the tech giant may roll one out later this year for $150. Analysts say the tablet would actually cost more to build than its selling price, but Google would have no choice if it wants to compete. It will face competition for the Apple's iPad, of course, and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Dodgers Sale Record
It looks like the Los Angeles Dodgers will emerge from bankruptcy with new owners. The deal to sell the team is worth a recording setting $2 billion. That's the highest price ever paid for a professional sports franchise. The group of investors includes former Lakers star Magic Johnson. A bankruptcy court judge still has to give final approval.