6at4 Business Report: Student debt; AT&T 4G comes in tops

April 25, 2012 11:17:42 AM PDT
Student loan debt could be causing problesm for the housing market; AT&T 4G comes in tops.

Student debt skyrocketing
As tuition costs surge at colleges and universities, many Americans are struggling to pay off their student loans. A strategist at Brockhouse and Cooper says student loan debt is turning into a 'significant drag' on the housing market. One reason: many former students won't be able to get mortgages at affordable rates because of their debt burdens. Overall, student debt now tops $1 trillion.

AT&T 4G Service rated fastest downloads
Which carrier has the fastest 4G service? According to PC World, it's AT&T based on tests in 13 cities. AT&T had the fastest downloads speeds. For upload speeds, though, Verizon edged out AT&T. For 3G service T-Mobile dominated all wireless networks in both upload and download speeds. Sprint was the biggest loser in both 3G and 4G service according to the study.