Standoff comes to violent end in North Philadelphia (PHOTOS)

The Action Cam was on the scene at 9th and York streets in North Philadelphia after police responded to a standoff. Once the man stepped out of the house, officers used bean bags to knock him back. As officers broke through the door, the man charged at them and had to be subdued.

June 26, 2012 2:35:26 PM PDT
A standoff involving police came to a violent end in North Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon.


The incident began as domestic dispute call at a home in the area of 9th and York streets.

When police arrived, a man barricaded himself inside and kept police at bay for much of the day.

Finally, the man stood in the doorway and could be seen yelling and pointing erratically.

As the man was standing there, police fired bean bags and knocked the man back into the house.

However, he managed to close the door before police could climb the stairs. So, once there, police began to knock the door down.

As they made their way through the door, the man shoved his way through, knocking some of the officers to the ground.

Police eventually subdued the man and took him into custody. His name has not been released.

One police officer sustained injuries to the neck and back in this incident.