Daring daytime burglars target Montco community

UPPER MORELAND, Pa. - September 13, 2012

Homes along Terwood, Davisville, Pioneer, Fitzwatertown, and Byberry Roads have all been targeted in Upper Moreland.

And police say the thieves choose their targets carefully.

Investigators tell Action News the burglaries all start with a knock on the door during the late morning or early afternoon hours.

"They make up some kind of story like they want to seal your driveway or they're soliciting for the Boy Scouts or maybe a religious group," said Acting Upper Moreland Police Chief Alex Levy.

But if nobody answers the door, said Levy, "they go around to the back of the house, force entry and commit a burglary."

Levy says each time the thieves quickly make their way into the bedrooms of targeted homes and flee with jewelry and cash.

The burglars appear to have been targeting one particular group of streets over the past month. But authorities say similar burglaries have taken place in other communities around Upper Moreland as well.

We spoke with people who live in the neighborhoods hit by these thieves. They say crime is entirely out of character for this community.

"It's surprising," said Donna Maglio. "It's a great area. It's a great town, great school system."

"People improve their homes and do things over, and it's a great community," said Marcie Shapiro. "It's a great community for kids and the schools are great. So it's really shocking."

"It's frightening to think that if I'm at work or whatever, something like that could happen to me," said Warren Thomas.

Authorities urge anyone who believes that they or a neighbor are being targeted to call 911 immediately.

"Don't think about," said Levy. "Maybe it's good, maybe it's not. Just call us. We'll determine whether or not the person is legitimate. And hopefully at some point we'll get the break we need and stop the burglaries."

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