Suspects ID'd in Mayfair heroin bust (PHOTOS)

MAYFAIR - October 10, 2012

Philadelphia narcotics officers shuttled evidence from a Mayfair house last night, which they say served as a stash house for a $1.5 million dollar heroin operation.

Neighbors were stunned to learn what was going on behind doors on a block that's home to many families.


Neighbor Jennifer Majka tells Action News, "You know it's here. You know people are doing it. But of that magnitude?"

Vanessa Waters of Mayfair says, "I'm shocked. It's usually very quiet around here. I've been living around here for almost three years, and I'm really shocked."

Police confiscated more than 5 kilograms of heroin with a street value of $1,881,330.00, 420 grams of cocaine with a street value of $42,000.00, and more than $15,000 in cash. They also found drug paraphernalia used in the alleged operations like grinders, strainers, and cellophane wrap, as well as a loaded 22-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver.

47-year-old Felix Fernandez of McKinley Street, 26-year-old Ramon Pedrava of 1300 Elbridge, 36-year-old Frank Hidalgo of 1300 S Howard Street in Allentown, and 48-year-old Henry Lewis Diaz of 600 E Diamond Street were arrested.

Police say this bust was the result of an undercover sting that began with a surveillance operation on Elbridge Street. That led them to the house on McKinley, where neighbors have seen little activity from the outside.

Jennifer Majka explains, "They appeared vacant for over a year now. But my older daughter said that she had seen a few times around 3:00 in the morning go in and out, a guy. But what they found last night was very shocking."

All four suspects are facing possession and possession with intent to deliver charges. This all remains under investigation.

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