Disney announces weekly park surprises for 2013

NEW YORK (AP) - October 17, 2012

The new program, "Limited Time Magic," was being announced at a morning event in Times Square where Disney also unveiled a three-story castle made of ice.

"Limited Time Magic" was described as "52 weeks of magical experiences big and small that appear, then disappear as the next special surprise debuts." For example, a weeklong Valentine's Day celebration might include pink lighting on Disney castles, surprise meet-and-greets with Disney characters and candlelit dinners for lovebirds.

Other plans include a weeklong Fourth of July party, a "Long Lost Friends Week" featuring lesser-known Disney characters, and Pirate Week.

The ice castle was designed to symbolize the fleeting but dramatic nature of the program.

Each of the weekly experiences will be announced in the parks and online both on Disney sites and social networks.

At the same time Disney is continuing its expansion of Fantasyland at Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida, which began in March with the first of two Dumbo rides taking flight and is expected to be completed in 2014. It's the largest expansion in the park's 41-year history, nearly doubling the size of Fantasyland.

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