Sandusky Victim 1 speaks out for first time

October 19, 2012

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18-year-old Fisher has been known as Victim #1 but says he no longer wants to remain anonymous and doesn't want to be labeled a victim anymore.

"Victim means people feel sympathy for you. I don't want that. To me I did something good like a hero or something like that," he said.

Fisher - a native of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania - says he was just 10 when he began attending a camp put on by Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile charity.

Shortly after, he began spending the night at the Sandusky home, where he endured years of sexual abuse.

He eventually found the strength to speak, telling his mother, who went to school officials.

Fisher's mother was appalled at the school's alleged response, go home and think about it.

"Go home and think about what? What is there to think about? We got to go to the police right now," said Dawn Daniels.

Sandusky has denied the allegations but he now sits in a jail cell. He is likely to spend the rest of his life behind bars unless he's awarded an appeal and his convictions are overturned.

Sandusky's lawyer, Joe Amendola, claims Fisher is out for publicity, changed his story repeatedly and concocted the allegations for money.

"Jerry hypothesized that is why he accused Jerry of abusing him. It started with touching above the clothing, over three months time it turned into he was doing graphic acts with him," said Amendola.

Fisher is coming out with a book detailing his abuse and the impact it's had his life. It's co-written with his psychologist and will be published next week.

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