Reading mom facing charges for teen fight

January 9, 2013 3:36:46 PM PST
A mother and her two daughters from Berks County are in trouble with police after a teenage brawl broke out on a street in Reading.

Action News was there as 13-year-old Reylinn Irizarry was released from juvenile detention five days after the fight that was captured on cell phone video.

Reylinn says the fight between her and another girl was the culmination of month's worth of online harassment and bullying at Reading Intermediate High School.

Reylinn says she already knew what was going to happen earlier that afternoon.

"I was walking in school. One of her friends came up to me and said 'watch your back, you're going to get jumped,'" Reylinn said.

The twist is that Reylinn's mother, Raquel Rosario, was there, as well.

Rosario and her older daughter, Precious Irizarry, can be heard in the background of the video encouraging Reylinn to win the fight.

In her own defense, Rosario says the crowd was so large and so unruly.

She felt as though she had no choice.

"I didn't know if anyone in that crowd had a gun. I didn't know if anybody in that crowd had a knife. I just wanted to grab my baby and make sure she was safe," Rosario said.

But Berks County DA John Adams does not see it the same way.

"What she should have done is done everything a responsible parent would have done and that is attempted to break up the fight," Adams said.

Now, the 43-year-old Rosario and her 22-year-old daughter face a string of charges including reckless endangerment and making terroristic threats.

Raquel says she is extremely frustrated that she and her family are being treated like outlaws.

"The other student takes a swing at my daughter first and my daughter, in self-defense, is defending herself like any human being would've done. It's sad to say that our kids have to live this way now, that you have to go to school fearing for your life," Raquel said.

The Reading School District has issued the following statement:

The allegations that the school district did not respond to this mother and her daughter are untrue. Staff, counselors and security at Reading Intermediate High School addressed all previous issues brought to our attention, though none of those issues or concerns involved the second girl shown in the fight recorded on video,