British princesses run red light in Mini adventure

In this Friday, April, 29, 2011 file picture Britain's Prince Andrew, center, and his daughters Britain's Princess Eugenie, left, and Britain's Princess Beatrice leave Westminster Abbey at the Royal Wedding in London . The eye-popping hat worn by Princess Beatrice at the royal wedding is to be auctioned to raise money for charity. Buckingham Palace said Thursday.The famous creation _ some said it looked like antlers on the princess' head _ will be sold on eBay with the proceeds to go to the charities UNICEF and Children in Crisis.(AP Photo/Gero Breloer)

January 17, 2013 7:31:58 AM PST
It was meant to be a Mini adventure; it nearly became a major embarrassment.

Two British royals on a mission to promote their country ran a red light near Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate.

With photographers and police in tow, driver Princess Eugenie and her older sister Princess Beatrice then took a swift right into the safety of the British embassy compound.

At least the 22 and 24-year-old sisters didn't have to decide which side of the road to drive their Mini on. The entire 500-meter (550-yard) staged tour was along one-way streets.

Ignoring a red light can bring a fine of ?200 ($267) and a month's driving ban in Germany.

"Of course it's forbidden but so far we haven't had any reports," said Berlin police spokesman Carsten Mueller.