Poll: Pay more for child-free airline zone?

February 5, 2013 8:59:40 AM PST
Are you tired of crying kids and wound-up toddlers disrupting your peace and quiet in the air? An overseas airline launched a program this week to keep kids away from you - for a price.

Children under age 12 are no longer allowed in the first seven rows on certain AirAsia X flights.

The airline primarily serves China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Australia. Airline executives call them "Quiet Zones" and say that they are "heavenly package for those who want peace of mind."

You'll pay between about $11 and $36 for the privilege. "Quiet Zones" on AirAsia X also have softer lighting, divider curtains and separate toilets.

A competing carrier, Malaysia Airlines, offers similar child-free zones in first class and the upper deck on Airbus A-380 flights.