Exclusive: Wife of Del. courthouse gunman says she did not know

Lenore Matusiewicz

February 14, 2013 1:35:37 PM PST
Action News spoke exclusively to the wife of the Delaware courthouse gunman who said she knew nothing of what her husband was planning.

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"I wish I had known, maybe I could have done something to stop it," Lenore Matusiewicz said.

The wife of accused courthouse shooter, Thomas Matusiewicz, says she and her son had no idea her husband would open fire, killing her former daughter-in-law, Christine Belford, her friend, Beth Mulford, and injuring two police officers.

"Our hearts go out to the other families, to those who were killed, and to those who were wounded," Lenore said. VIDEO: Watch extended interview with Lenor Matusiewicz

But in court records, authorities say Lenore and her son, David, are suspects in the shooting.

With the help of the FBI, a search warrant was conducted on the family's Texas trailer and a storage facility.

Court documents reveal 13 guns were found, ammunition, and a book titled "Kill All Lawyers."

"A man I know from Florida had sent us that book; he had a lot of legal problems," Lenore said.

Court documents also say two death certificates were found on Thomas Matusiewicz's body after he took his own life, one with Belford's name on it and the other with her lawyer.

But Lenore says on Monday, there wasn't a hint of evidence Thomas was going to commit murder.

"I would have stepped in front of the gun; I didn't want anybody dead," Lenore said.

Lenore admits she and her son kidnapped her grandchildren and took them to Central America several years ago.

She wouldn't discuss specifics, but said she believed they were in danger.

Lenore also believes a brain tumor altered her husband's thinking and led him to kill.

"It's in the area [that] controls reasoning, memory, judgment, decision-making all of the higher functions and it changed him," Lenore said.

Lenore says she will head back to Texas to bury her husband.

Her son David remains behind bars on a probation violation.