Corbett's son-in-law, Gerald Gibson, suspended without pay

February 22, 2013 1:56:08 PM PST
The son-in-law of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has been suspended without pay pending a FBI investigation into alleged misconduct.

Last month Gibson, a Philadelphia Police narcotics officer, became embroiled in allegations of theft and placed on desk duty.

Now his fall from grace has continued. On Friday morning, he reported to the internal Affairs unit and surrendered his gun and badge.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has ordered Gibson's firing in 30 days.

Gibson's attorney says the order is unjust.

"This man is now hurting emotionally, he is now hurt financially for something he did not do, he has been charged with no crime," said Rich DeSipio.

In January it was widely reported that Gibson had been targeted in a sting operation.

An investigation revealed Gibson, a 17 year veteran, had been caught on an FBI surveillance system taking $140 in marked bills from a car he had been ordered to search and inventory.

DeSipio says, "Again no evidence, no charges, they have not shown us inventory sheet or a property receipt that shows that Officer Gibson did not report the money, that was in that vehicle or that they gave the opportunity to report it."

Last month Governor Corbett declined to speak about the allegations, later releasing a vague statement telling of surprise, concern and continuing love and support of his family.

DeSipio says Gibson maintains he is not merely "not guilty" but innocent of wrong doing.

"He has absolutely shared with me and with his family that he did not take any money, his family supports him, he has a loving wife and beautiful little baby and his family is supportive of him," said DeSipio.

Internal Affairs and the district attorney's office are handling the case at this time.