Family, friends hold vigil for April Kauffman

May 11, 2013 5:47:03 AM PDT
It was one year ago when Linwood, New Jersey was shocked to hear that April Kauffman had been murdered, and the crime remains unsolved.

Officials have not released information on the ongoing investigation, but there have been no arrests so far.

Family and friends will gather near the scene of April Kauffman's murder Friday night for a vigil marking the one year anniversary of her death.

"I just hope people remember the amazing things she did for people. Unfortunately, I am just hearing stories now of how she touched so many and affected people," said Kim Pack.

Kim welcomes stories of her mother's generosity from friends and strangers.

The 30-year-old mother of two will spend this Mother's Day weekend remembering her mom, April Kauffman.

The murder of the veteran activist and popular radio host killed a year ago today has not been solved.

Kauffman was found unresponsive by a man who went to her Linwood Home to feed her birds.

He reported seeing a cut on her arm. Police say she was shot multiple times.

Police questioned several people including her husband James, a local doctor.

Neighbors say he still lives in the home but went out of town for this week.

The prosecutor's office has released very little.

Kim says she trusts their investigation so far.

"I can't comment. We will let the police bring to light the person they think is responsible for this and bring that person to justice," she said.

But some in the neighborhood are questioning why an arrest is taking so long.

"It is kind of hard to believe that after a year they don't have anything," said Sandy Shaner.

Kim says she is focusing on her mom's memory and praying for an arrest soon.

"The person who murdered my mom took her away from me, but they can't take away my hope," said Kim.

Dr. Kauffman's attorney did not respond to calls.

The King Arthur radio show dedicated Friday's show to April.