Philadelphia police look to register private cameras in SafeCam

April 25, 2013 3:26:12 PM PDT
With the Boston attack still fresh in minds, as well as the role private security cameras played in identifying the suspects, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey made a pitch Thursday for SafeCam.

SafeCam is a program where the owners of private security cams in public spaces register with the Philadelphia Police Department.

"We're able to then map those cameras so whenever a crime or incident takes place or even something like the Broad Street Run takes place, we have a way of being able to access those cameras should we need to do so," Ramsey said.

So far, 395 homes and business are registered, providing over 1,100 potential camera views.

Rarely a day goes by when surveillance video is not used to investigate serious crimes.

Insurance agent Erica Bantom Martin's camera, which is focused on the 1100 block of South Broad Street, is among those in the SafeCam registry.

"They have a phone number; they also have my email address. My understanding is that it will make it easier for them because they will already know there is a camera here," Martin said.

For more information on SafeCam and to register your private surveillance camera: