Father of NJ boy who shot playmate is charged

May 14, 2013 6:16:58 PM PDT
A New Jersey man whose 4-year-old son shot and killed a 6-year-old playmate has been criminally charged and is due in court later this week.

Prosecutors say Anthony Senatore had multiple unsecured weapons accessible to children in his Toms River home.

Authorities say Senatore's son took a loaded .22-caliber rifle from a bedroom on April 8 and fired a shot, fatally wounding neighbor Brandon Holt while they were playing outdoors.

Officials say four shotguns were found close to ammunition and accessible to Senatore's three children. Senatore's other children are 12 and 8.

Senatore was arrested late Monday. He's charged with child endangerment and enabling access by minors to a loaded firearm. He's due in court Thursday.

His attorney declined to comment Tuesday.