5-year-old co-authors book with Dad

ROXBOROUGH - June 13, 2013

Reanna Desouvre from Roxborough was three and a half years old when she became a big sister to now 18-month-old Danielle. Reanna is now 5 and she channeled her new role in the family to write her very first published book "Big Sister, Little Sister."

Reanna's co-author is dad, Yanatha.

"The words that you see in the book are actually her words," he says.

Mom Amy was in charge of art and photography: "It's just an amazing journey, having two girls and watching them grow together."

The book shares their story as sisters and as friends.

"I love my sister, she is so sweet."

Amy says it also teaches responsibility!

"I think it's important to get the older one involved with the younger one," says Mom Amy, "because once you have a second child you have to split your time."

Yanatha is a published author, with a collection of inspirational short stories and poetry. He says this was the ultimate family production.

"Being able to work with your dad or your parents is a pretty cool thing to do at a young age," he says. "It's something she will be able to have for the rest of her life."

The book recently hit number 1 in Amazon's siblings category. You can check out "Big Sister, Little Sister" by following this link. There's also a Facebook page set up where you can learn about upcoming readings at bookstores.

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