Day 2 of storms sends trees crashing down

BROOMALL, Pa. - June 26, 2013

Jaclyn Sioutis' cell phone camera was rolling as the fierce storm blew through Broomall just after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"The tree's out front, you could actually hear them cracking, they were so bent over, they were all cracking and the stuff was hitting on the roof and she's videoing and I'm like, 'get the baby, we're on the second floor,'" Harry Sioutis said.

"It looked like [Hurricane] Sandy all over again. It was crazy. The wind was just crazy," Jaclyn said.

"The winds started to blow really hard, very quickly; it got really windy so I ran up the stairs, grabbed my cat and headed to the basement," Dr. Beth Delise of Broomall said.

Dr. Delise says seconds later, a large poplar tree came crashing down on top of her house. A big branch actually sliced through the ceiling of her first floor.

"I'm very pleased that I got to the basement as quickly as I did. I didn't have a lot of time, it came very quickly," Delise said.

For the Douglas family next door, they haven't even had a chance to move in to their new home and they were dealing with down trees in their backyard and swimming pool.

"We're moving in tomorrow morning and this is our welcome to Broomall (laughs)," Donna Douglas said.

In Cumru, Berks County, a car was crushed by a large tree as the height of the storm moved through that area.

As it made its way through Camden, New Jersey another tree crushed another car owned by Sabrina Grabes.

"Next thing I know, my neighbor came and said, 'oh my God, look at your car, your car'. I said, 'Oh my God, what the heck?'" Grabes said. "My car, I'm not gonna have a car to drive, I gotta go to work every day; how am I gonna take my daughter to camp?"

No sooner did we see the second series of storms in as many days blow through the area, we saw steam rising from the ground.

All of this promising to make soup like conditions for many of us.

As another consequence of all this rain we've been getting, there are legions of mosquitoes brewing in these areas. It may be a good idea to keep the mosquito spray handy cause you're going to need it as me and my photographers found out.

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