3 Pathmark stores shutting down in South Jersey

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - July 9, 2013

Three South Jersey Pathmark stores will soon be shut down. Pink slips are on the way for Pathmark workers in Camden, Edgewater Park and Cherry Hill.

Marie Zegrino has worked in at the Cherry Hill Pathmark for 29 years. On Monday she received the news September 6th will be her last day.

"You have a lot of nice friends here you know," she said. "We go out together. It's going to be sad."

Zegrino says she feared the end was near. The owner of Pathmark, North Jersey's Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, better known as A&P, recently filed for bankruptcy and closed several Super Fresh stores in South Jersey.

"It's a shame, because Pathmark was a very good company. It wasn't Pathmark anymore when A&P bought us," said Zegrino.

Sam Ferraino is the president of Local 1360, which represents the grocery workers.

A&P called him Monday night and said simply the three stores in Cherry Hill, Camden, and Edgewater Park were underperformers and would be shut down.

"I can tell you when I got the call it knocked the wind out of me," he said. "You know, I know these people. I've worked in their stores."

Many longtime customers feel the same sort of bond.

"It looks like I have to go somewhere else," said Tia Wilbon.

Asked what she will do now, Zegrino said simply, "I don't know. I'll have to think about it."

Zegrino says she could retire if she wanted, but others are not so fortunate.

As of Tuesday night, A&P had not returned our calls or emails requesting comment.

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