Suspect charged after body parts found in Strawberry Mansion


Sources say on Friday morning 43-year-old Charles Sargent, a suspect in a brutal homicide and dismemberment, led investigators to an empty lot near the intersection of York and Sedgley Streets.

Shortly after they arrived, they discovered human remains and worked throughout the day to recover the entire body.

Investigators believe the murder happened inside a home in the 2100 block of 32nd Street.

Police say Sargent killed and cut up the victim at the home before dumping the remains in the vacant lot.

A 911 call on Wednesday first led police to the house. There was no body, but evidence of the crime was discovered.

Police say Sargent eventually confessed. He faces homicide charges.

"The smell was awful, we could walk out and smell it," said business owner Courtney Dean. "That was almost two blocks down."

Dean's mechanic shop is nearby, and for days he thought something was out of the ordinary across the street. But he never thought it would be this.

"It's crazy to think someone would dismember another person. Nothing surprises me around here."

Police have not released the name or gender of the victim, or a motive for the brutal killing.

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