Monroe Twp. Little League champs in need of donations

MONROE TWP., N.J. - July 27, 2013

However there's just one problem, there's not enough money to support one of the teams to move forward.

The township's 16 year-old girls Little League softball team took home a first ever state title last week and are headed off to regionals.

The township's excitement has now doubled but so too have the expenses.

In a final out, it was a thrilling victory and as of Wednesday, the 9 and 10-year-old team can call themselves New Jersey Little League champions for the first time in league history.

"It was pretty amazing, especially on my birthday it was a big deal," said Lucas Dinger, catacher.

"We're state champs of New Jersey, it doesn't get much better than that," said Jim Love, team manager.

However it could get better - the team qualified for regionals in Rhode Island next Saturday.

It's the highest level of competition for these little leaguers and the young players have the passion and the drive to win.

"Our heart, we don't ever give up," said Caden Dulin, shortstop.

However they also don't have the cash to go.

"If the parents could afford it, we'd do it, but we just don't have it," said Lisa Racobaldo, parent.

Love says the team spent roughly $10,000 during last week's tournament in North Jersey and their funds have dried up.

"Food, drink, water, equipment - bills add up quickly," said Love.

The South Jersey team is on a last minute mission for donations.

"Anything anybody can do for us is greatly appreciated," said Love.

The team needs $10,000 by Friday or else their once in a lifetime trip could be a no-go.

"It would be really sad not going, we did all of that hard work to just quit," said Dinger.

If you would like to support the New Jersey Little League state champs, you can stop into any TD Bank and donate to the Monroe Township 9-10 Baseball Fund.

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