Toddler rescued from utility wires in Northeast Philadelphia


2-year-old Luis Davidas was reunited Wednesday afternoon with some of the neighbors who came to his rescue Wednesday morning at his family's row house in the 1300 block of Wells Street.

It was mid-morning when Joy Coates looked out the window of her row house across the street and saw Luis hanging from the wires outside a window, the wires between his legs, one little hand gripping the brick wall.

"I couldn't believe it," said Coates. "I am in my house talking to my daughter about her baby, and I look out the window and see a baby hanging from the window."

At the same time, neighbor Roberta Black came out to sweep the alley.

"I look up, and there was a baby hanging from the wire," said Black.

Luis had been home with his 17-year-old brother babysitting when the child locked himself inside the third floor bedroom. First the toddler threw items out the window, then climbed on a table and out onto the wires.

Black called for her daughter to grab a blanket to hold beneath the boy in case he fell, and to call 911.

"I kept telling him to hold on, precious, please hold on," said Black. "And he was smart enough to hold on."

"I started to get a little emotional," said neighbor Veronica Hernandez, "but the dispatcher calmed me down, because I had to be brave for him."

Soon, 2nd District police officers arrived and rushed into the home. They broke down the bedroom door, reached out the window, and grabbed Luis off the wire.

His grandmother said the family is so grateful for the neighbors who saved the boy.

"He is doing great," said the boy's grandmother, Milly Deborba. "Thank God. Thank God for beautiful neighbors who care."

Luis was taken to Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children to get checked out, and he is just fine.

Police said this just seems to be an accident. By all accounts, Luis is a rambunctious little boy, and everyone is relieved he is okay.

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