Sarah Murnaghan due to go home tomorrow

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; August 26, 2013

While speaking to a CNN reporter, 11-year-old Sarah Murnaghan says she knows she is a tough little girl.

"Because every time I face things that I thought were going to be hard, and then I've done them," she said.

It is still difficult for Sarah to speak. She doesn't need oxygen but still has a tube in her trachea, and a machine to help her breathe.

Sarah survived two double lung transplants in June.

She was battling end stage cystic fibrosis. Her story sparked a change in policy at least for now, allowing kids under twelve to receive adult donor lungs if feasible, instead of having to wait for pediatric lungs.

Her parents had thought they would run out of time.

"She said I didn't want to tell you I was dying, I didn't want to upset you," recalls her mother Janet.

Now Sarah is looking forward to going home to spend time with her brothers, sister and cousins.

Her road to recovery has not been easy. But Sarah she says she is not going for easy.

"I am just going for possible and what is ahead of me now is possible," she says.

Janet says, "She's gonna fight and she's gonna be okay. I fully plan to watch her graduate from college and watch her get married some day and do whatever it is she wants to do."

Sarah's new lungs are also showing NO signs of rejection. She will still need a lot of therapy.

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