Mrs. Fixit: Pill Bottle Reuses

September 1, 2013

First…pull off the label with any personal information on it.

Also, clean the bottle to make sure their isn't any residue left in it from the medicine.

Pill bottles make great waterproof storage for matches, band aids and other items that you need to keep dry when camping or spending the day at the beach.

The childproof lid gives you a waterproof seal you can count on!

Make a travel sewing kit…the prescription bottle is the perfect size to fit a needle, a tiny spool of thread , safety pins, straight pins and a few buttons!

The empty containers are also see through and great for storing everything from craft beads to small screws and bolts in a tool box ….

Organize office smalls.. like paper clips and push pins.. by keeping them stored in pill bottles.

Keep one in your car's center console or glove comparent to store change for tolls and parking meters…

One more use…keep small earbuds in a pill bottle to keep them from getting tangled up with the other cords and cables!

A nice way to reuse something you were going to throw out and it makes for a great small storage! …I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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