2 shot after leaving club in Manayunk

MANAYUNK - September 8, 2013

It happened just after 1:00 a.m. Sunday on the 4300 block of Cresson Street.

"Something like three clicks outside, wasn't loud enough to be gunfire," said Chris Wisniewski.

Wisniewski, a server at Agiato, didn't believe it was actual gunfire that he heard.

His manager ran out the back of the restaurant and saw one of the victims.

"A guy was slumped over in a pool of blood," said Wisniewski.

Two men were shot in the street, one a 35-year-old who was hit three times in the chest. He was listed in critical condition.

A second victim - a 36-year-old man was shot in the arm and hand. He was listed in stable condition.

Police say the two victims tried to dodge the bullets by running through an alley but they collapsed in a parking lot near Levering Street.

"We thought it was fist fighting but then we knew something was wrong," said Rivière.

Rivière, a server at another restaurant, also ran outside and says he couldn't believe something like this happened in Manayunk.

Neither could the owner of The Grape Room. Police say the two victims had been there before the crime.

"The Grape Room had nothing to do with the shooting," said Brian Hassinger.

Saturday night there were several performers for an event celebrating a birthday there.

Hassinger says he bartended that night and there were no fights or altercations inside.

"It was a really good vibe in here, a happy party vibe," he said.

Meanwhile police have not released a possible motive yet, and will only say it's an ongoing investigation.

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