Saving with 6abc: One accessory can make a holiday outfit

MOUNT AIRY - Dec. 5, 2013

She works with her customers to get the most out of their clothing budgets. And she says when it comes to dressing for all those upcoming holiday parties, start with basics you already own.

Newton explains, "To keep your costs down, I would just accessorize things that you already have in your closet. Everyone has an LBD, a little black dress, and you can always dress that up with a big chunky sparkly necklace, a scarf, you can also accessorize that with a really fabulous bag."

Slacks and a turtleneck, even jeans can also be the basis of a great holiday look.

Newton adds, "If you have one really sparkly piece, that's basically all you need to dress up your outfit."

Resale shops are great places to find statement jewelry pieces. Dolly's Boutique had chunky faux pearl necklaces and bracelets and rhinestone bracelets for under $35.

But you could also choose a sparkly scarf ($18), a unique purse ($40-$48), or a killer pair of shoes ($20-$30).

The more unexpected the accessory, the better. That means the unique vintage pieces you'll find in resale shops could be perfect.

"This is the number one thing that I tell my customers, matching is so NOT in anymore," Newton explains. "I'm trying to reiterate that to my customers, you do not have to match."

Click here to find out more about Dolly's Boutique and Consignment, which is located at 6778 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia's Mount Airy section.

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