Introducing the "Art of Aging" series

PHILADELPHIA - January 2, 2014

Richard Gere, Meryl Streep, Bill O'Reilly, George Foreman and Bruce Springsteen will turn 65 this year! We should all have the grace, energy and attitude they have and we can!

There are thousands of people and agencies who help seniors with transitions that you and your families face.

Holly Lange is president of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging.

"I think the seniors in Pennsylvania are very fortunate. Pennsylvania is the only state where the lottery funds specifically programs for seniors," said Lange.

Diane Brown, Health Promotion Consultant, PCA says, "Senior centers are an opportunity where the needs of older adults are met and when I say the needs, we're talking about being met spiritually, being met socially, emotionally, mentally, these are ways that they benefit the older adults."

Throughout this series, we'll introduce you to the professionals accessible to you.

Edwin Feliciano is a driver for PCA.

He says, "The human contact is wonderful. When I go to the houses, it just lights up their faces when I see them. They talk to me. They tell me stories about their past, you know what they do and it's just wonderful."

Next week we'll take you to senior centers and you'll see how supportive and useful they are. And you'll see why these programs are so important.

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