Chester designer making a mark in the fashion world

CHESTER, Pa. - January 27, 2014

"It's not just making clothes," said Rashaad Calhoun.

Twenty six year old Calhoun has long had a passion for design.

"I'm really into making long exaggerated dresses," said Calhoun.

He started in 8th grade, purchasing his first sewing machine at 13 and began using simple patterns. He then moved on to making his own.

Now Calhoun has his own fashion line called 'Daahsar' - Rashaad spelled backwards.

His designs have creative flair and versatility.

"This one I thought of a black rose so I wanted to bring the bottom to bloom. You can change it in different angles so it's shorter or longer," he said.

He says his designs have always been reflective of his life. Since his grandmother died, the color of most of his fashions have been black.

"That was like a dark stage, she was my biggest fan and I always had her support," he said.

However when he showed his designs during Fashion Week in New York, he wanted them to express the golden opportunity he was being given.

Calhoun was sometimes teased at Chester High School about his affection for fashion.

"The guys that used to say all the bad stuff in school, they are the ones giving me my business now," he said.

Calhoun has a number of clients now and recently designed a dress for comedian Richard Pryor's daughter - Raine.

He has also been invited to fashion week in Paris in September.

"This is my biggest dream, this is any designer's dream," said Calhoun.

Calhoun says there are no limits on what he can now achieve.

"I'm here and I'm not going nowhere. This is my life, I don't care who says what. This is me," he said.

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