iPhone tips and tricks

January 29, 2013

We compiled some shortcuts to get you on and off your iPhone and iPad a little faster.

1. Typing with numbers and letters can be a real pain. But if you click the "123" button and slide up to the character you want to input. When you let go, the screen will jump back to the alphabet keyboard. Now you can go back to forth without even pausing.

2. Using an app and you've scrolled way down, but need to get to the top? Just tap the bar at the top of the app and it instantly takes you to the top.

3. For parents who let their children play with their phone or iPad: You can turn on Guided Access while a child is playing. It keeps them from deleting stuff and going into other apps they shouldn't be in. You can choose the settings based on your kid.

4. If you need a charge quick, putting your iPhone into airplane mode will make it charge twice as fast.

5. This may change the world of selfies as we know it. You don't have to have that awkward arm in your photo. You can take selfies using the remote on your apple earbuds.

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