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April 6, 2014 It's Mozart's mysterious masked man and, when it comes to plot lines, Don Juan has it all…sex, love, tragedy and revenge. It is the ultimate episode of Bachelor but you can watch it live and in person.

Opera President, David DeVan says Don Giovanni -the tale of a legendary rake who leaves a trail of mayhem and jilted lovers in his wake- is an all-time audience favorite.

"There are comedic moments and there are very tragic moments and the opera has a lot to do with some basics of the human condition in terms of lust, in terms of love, in terms of things done wrong."

If Don Juan's character isn't enough to make you swoon, DeVan says the music from Mozart's classic tale will sweep you away. "When the overture starts I just my heart swells; it's so moving," DeVan says. "You will hear voices like you've never heard them before."

In casting the show, Opera Philadelphia brought home some of the most prestigious alums of the Curtis Institute and the Academy of Vocal Arts. Michelle Johnson plays Donna Anna. "She's a little complex. She has her sweet side, but then she has this crazy like vengeance side to her," says Johnson, "she's a little bit shy, but then she's also very, very courageous in her acts throughout the show."

"This is my fourth time playing Don Giovanni," says Elliot Madore who adds, "I'm definitely seeing more chinks in the armor as, as I play him more."

Elliot hopes audiences will respond to his Don Juan, "I want them to hate him and love him at the same time."

Don Giovanni runs April 25TH through May 4th at the Academy of Music. For tickets and show times, go to

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