Arden Theatre Company's 'The Snow Queen' that inspired Disney's 'Frozen'

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If you're a fan of Disney's 'Frozen,' there's a family-friendly show on stage in Philadelphia right now that's the basis of the famous franchise.

'The Snow Queen' is playing at the Arden Theatre Company right now.

Based on Hans Christian Anderson's classic fairy tale, 'The Snow Queen' was the inspiration for 'Frozen.'

The Arden says this is a celebration of friendship, an adventure full of magic and perfect for the holiday season.

There's so much you will recognize about this story: the focus on familial, not romantic love and female heroes saving the day.

"But it's going to be different in that we are looking at four sisters instead of two and each sister represents the seasons," explains Katherine Fried, who plays The Snow Queen. "We have a young woman who plays the protagonist and she is walking through the year meeting these different queens looking for her long lost friend who was taken by The Snow Queen."

"What's interesting is that way back when this story was originally written it was the female that was empowered, searching for the victim which was the guy," explains Daniel Ison who plays Cei.

The cast also says you will recognize the theme of understanding your power and realizing your strengths.

The Snow Queen is playing at the Arden Theatre Company in Old City through January 26th.
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