3-year-old uses lemonade stand profits to buy diapers for mothers in need

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Ava's Lemonade meets goal, helps moms in need
Ava's Lemonade meets goal, helps moms in need

DURHAM, North Carolina (WPVI) -- A 3-year-old girl wanted to start a business so she started selling lemonade and donating some of the money she makes to help babies in need -- and it's been a hit.

Ava Lewis and her mother Maggie have had their hands full selling lemonade after their story first aired on sister station WTVD-TV earlier this month.

Ava's lemonade stand in Durham, North Carolina was positioned in front of her mother's hair salon, The Lather Lounge, when people began buying gallons of lemonade, instead of cups.

"I said I was going to retire at 40," Maggie said. "I guess Ava is going to have me retire sooner than that. People have been popping up even when we close."

Ava's business hours are now listed on her Facebook page.

"It's been unbelievable," Maggie said. "Since God is in it, it's no limit!"

The Lewis family sold enough lemonade to reach Ava's goal to buy baby supplies for children in need.

Monday morning, the pair dropped off several boxes of baby wipes and a box of diapers to the Good Samaritan Inn, operated by the Durham Rescue Mission. The Inn prides itself in being a transition facility for women facing life's toughest challenges. According to the mission's website, the inn houses an average of 130 women and children each night.

"It just means the world to us to see a young person...that is thinking of others," said inn director Gail Mills. "And is selling her lemonade to have the funds to buy the diapers and the wipes -- it just makes my day. Such a heartwarming experience to meet little Ava and to see how her mother is teaching her at such a young age to care for others and to share her blessing with people who are having a hard time."

Lewis said Ava is often recognized when the two are out in public in and around Durham.

The toddler's new nickname?

"The lemonade baby," Maggie said. "You really can't top it unless I come out with some peaches," Maggie laughed. "Peach lemonade, raspberry lemonade, different kinds."