School apologizes for 'avoiding sex assault' question

Students in a Kansas class on mental health and sex abuse were given a worksheet after watching a movie about a woman who was raped at a fraternity party.

The first question on the handout was: "What could have Melissa done differently to have avoided her sexual assault (provide at least 4 examples)?"

Outraged by the assignment, Haven Eigenberger and several other students refused to complete the worksheet.

"What could she have done to have avoided her sexual assault? She didn't do anything so it was shocking for us. We didn't know how to respond," Haven said.

While the parents of other students contacted the administration, Haven chose to bring the worksheet home to her mom.

Her mother then posted it on Facebook, hoping for a response. It worked.

The principal called her the next morning.

"He just said, 'I'm sorry, kids should not have had to face that question,'" Charity Eigenberger said.

The school district also apologized to staff, students, and families, saying the assignment has been pulled from the class.

They are now reviewing all curriculum that covers dating violence, consent, and sexual assault.
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