Bear fight caught on video inside California resident's carport

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Monday, June 20, 2022
VIDEO: 2 bears viciously attack each other inside resident's carport
An aggressive fight between two bears was caught on video in a resident's carport in South Lake Tahoe, California.

CALIFORNIA -- A grisly encounter was caught on video of two bears viciously fighting each other in a California resident's carport.

The Ring footage captures the bears charge from opposite sides of the carport before slamming into each other.

They then briefly stare each other down while standing upright then viciously swipe at one another.

The fight appears to only last a few seconds, but both bears are heard on the video making aggressive growling sounds.

The South Lake Tahoe resident, Lisa Quick, said she woke up to "strange growling" and knew it was a mad bear, but thought it was maybe a bear and a racoon or maybe a bear and coyote.

"I screamed and my dogs started barking and we ran out there to break it up," Quick said. "I see bears every single day but we've never had them fight before."

She says she adores the bears in her area and says the bears will usually leave her carport if she goes out and chases them away.