Video captures bear wandering through Bucks County neighborhood

LOWER MAKEFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Several residents in Bucks County spotted a black bear cub roaming through their yards on Monday and Tuesday, a sight that police say is common this time of year.

Neighbors in Lower Makefield Township picked up the black bear cub on surveillance video.

In one video, the bear is seen knocking over a bird feeder while looking for food.

The last known sighting was in Five Mile Woods, behind a Kohl's department store, officials said.

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"I was out taking the dog for her nightly walk and a neighbor came out of her house to tell me there's a bear in the area," said David Gorleski.

That neighbor was Jeanine Kleba.

"My son was sitting in the living room and he looked out the living room and he said, 'Oh my God, a bear.' And my husband's like, 'Come on, finish your homework'," said Kleba, who watched the cub pass through her front yard. "There's a lot of nature around here. You can hear the birds and there are turkeys and fox and coyotes and all that kind of stuff. But never a bear before."

"Just leave it alone, they will move on. This happens this time of year, the bears leave the den and they start to wander," said Lt. Jason Braim, from the Lower Makefield Township Police Department.

Police say the cub is looking for a new home. If you spot it in your yard, the best thing you can do is keep your distance and watch them from the safety of their home, Braim said.

Police say the game commission does know about the bear roaming through Bucks County and field officers are monitoring its movements.

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