Teen given birth control implant at school without parent's permission

BALTIMORE, MD (WPVI) -- A mother found out her 16-year-old daughter received a birth control implant at school after the teen started complaining about headaches and arm pain, according to WMAR.

Nicole Lambert sent her daughter to get checked out by a pediatrician.

The doctor said the three-year contraceptive had been implanted improperly and had to be removed.

Photos showed Lambert's daughter had the implant near the back of her arm instead of the inside of her upper arm.

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Her doctor advised taking the implant out to avoid possible complications including blood clots.

Along with the major health issues that could have caused, Lambert was also upset that the implant had been administered by the school without her permission.

"I actually went to the school. I was furious. I was mad, so I went to the school and the nurse told me, 'I don't have to talk to you about absolutely nothing.' I'm like that is my child, I take care of this child, you can talk to me about my child, and they put me out of the school," said Lambert.

The state law permitting minors to receive contraception services confidentially dates back nearly 50 years.

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