8-year-old boy saves classmate after she started to choke during Valentine's Day party

Thursday, February 15, 2018
Boy saves choking classmate
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Boy saves choking classmate. Tamala Edwards reports during Action News Mornings on February 15, 2018.

FRESNO, Calif. -- An 8-year-old California boy came to his classmate's rescue when she started to choke during a Valentine's Day party.

Andrew Ramirez didn't hesitate when he saw 7-year-old Makayla Annis turning pink at their Fresno school on Wednesday.

"My desk partner made me laugh too hard when I ate a gummy bear and then I kind of tried to swallow it and I started choking," said Makayla.

Andrew's father is an emergency room doctor and taught his son the Heimlich maneuver.

"I saw Makayla choking, grabbing her neck, and I quickly gave her the Heimlich maneuver," said Andrew.

When Andrew's father picked him up from school he was not sure what to think.

"My daughter she's five. She's like, 'Andrew's a hero, Andrew's a hero.' I was like hold on, you know little kids kind of exaggerate and tell tall tales," said Community Regional Medical Center Dr. Rene Ramirez.

Dr. Ramirez texted Makayla's mother just make sure the story was true. It was.

"If she turned blue she would have to go to the hospital too so I didn't want that to happen," said Andrew.

"I was very surprised. This young gentleman helped me," said Makayla.

Andrew says he wants to be a doctor someday.

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