Delaware County workers sleep at job for 28 days to make gear for health care workers

MARCUS HOOK, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, there's a group of people sleeping at work for nearly a month to make equipment to help keep others safe.

At Braskem America in Marcus Hook, workers are sleeping, eating and working at their plant for 28 days to make equipment for health care workers.

"We're isolated in here, we're staying in here 28 days, 24/7, 12-hour shifts," said Joe Boyce, the shift supervisor at Braskem America.

The group met with managers trying to figure out how they could do something to help in America's battle against COVID-19.

"We found very quickly that our role in this is keeping that plant running safely and securely," said CEO Mark Nikolich.

The group split among two shifts to make polypropylene, a non-woven fabric used to make N95 masks, hospital gowns, hoods and sanitary wipes all critical in the coronavirus battle.

"Everybody is doing their part. We're jelling real well. Great camaraderie, everything is going fantastic," said Boyce.

The company gave them an increase in wages and provided beds, kitchens, groceries, internet access and iPads.

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"They all live, eat and sleep at the plant, so you can imagine they had to create living quarters," said Nikolich. "And we're proud of how they are performing and we're proud of how their family and friends are celebrating what they are doing."

Recently, they reached the critical halfway point and their family and friends were allowed to drive by the plant to show their support.

"To our families at home, we just want you to know that we miss you so much, and we're all looking forward to coming home and seeing everybody. We're all in this together," said Boyce.

This Sunday will mark 28 days, the day when they will finally be able to see their families again.
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