VIDEO: Kayaker encounters jellyfish-infested waters in British Columbia

BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada (WPVI) -- A kayaker in British Columbia captured beautiful underwater footage as she encountered some jellyfish-infested waters.

Nicole Elder submerged her GoPro camera in the water of the Brentwood Bay and recorded the creatures as they floated below.

British Columbia is home to over 70 different species of jellyfish.

Among those are the commonly seen moon, lion's mane and fried egg jellyfish.

Moon jellyfish are known to be harmless, while lion's mane and fried egg jellyfish can leave humans with a painful sting that can last hours.

"The people who rented us the kayak told us that the white jellyfish can be picked up and you won't feel any stinging, whereas the yellow ones are dangerous," Elder told Storyful.

Due to the advice from the kayaking instructors, Elder was able to enjoy the scenery while avoiding being stung.
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