Bryn Mawr College weight loss e-mail sparking controversy

An e-mail sent from Bryn Mawr College's health center is causing a big firestorm among some students.

Rudrani Sarma, a junior at the college, says she recently received an e-mail inviting her to take part in the school's weight loss program.

Most of the students on that distribution list received it because they had higher than average body mass indexes.

Sarma got the email by accident.

She says she was treated for an eating disorder at the health center and tells Action News that she was horrified when she read it.

"I felt very targeted. It didn't feel like the school had my best interest at heart. Knowing my personal history, it was an e-mail telling me to lose weight," said Sarma.

Sarma wrote a scathing note back to the school, calling the email unethical, problematic and hurtful.

She is accusing them of compiling a list of "fat" students.

The school issued a public apology today, saying this is the third time they have offered this program and that it's the first time they received complaints.

They apologized to anyone who was upset or offended and will rethink the approach going forward.

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